CHEF® was entering the Indian market with two new products - red and green Thai curry pastes. Pan-Asian food is one of the top emerging foods in India. But while there is an appetite for Thai cuisine, the herbs and spices are hard to source. Plus, most Thai curry pastes contain shrimp, which is unsuitable for India's 70% vegetarian population. The new CHEF® pastes are made from authentic ingredients and are 100% vegetarian. So they’re perfect for Indian chefs who are keen to embrace new trends. Our brief was to create awareness and consideration of the product and to drive brand credibility. 
Copywriter: Ollie Mines
Art Director: Asher Lennox
Creative Directors: Paula Amaral, Rob Sears

Producer: Julie Hughes
Typographer: Bjoern Altman
Artworkers: David Morris, Andrew Farmer, Tony Philmore
Key visual photographer: Jonathan Greggson
Key visual food stylist:: Ian Graham​​​​​​​
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