In an ideal world, everything a chef serves would be made from scratch in their own kitchen. But very few have the army of sous-chefs required to do that – so they need to take sensible shortcuts. That’s where CHEF® comes in – offering a suite of high-quality stocks, sauces and bases. 
We built our campaign from the simple insight that almost every chef describes him or herself primarily as ‘creative’. Our new endline for the CHEF® brand emphasises its role as an enabler of creativity. While each execution highlights that – by saving time, space and energy – the brand gives them the power to express that creativity in full.
Copywriter: Ollie Mines
Art Director: Asher Lennox
Creative Directors: Paula Amaral, Rob Sears

Producers: Julie Hughes, Marcela Ferri
Typographer: Bjoern Altman
Artworkers: David Morris, Andrew Farmer, Tony Philmore
Key visual photographer: Jonathan Greggson
Key visual food stylist:: Ian Graham
Reportage photographer: Chris Terry
Reportage food stylist:: Debbie Miller
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