In the hot summer of 2018, art director Dave Boynes and I decided to jump on the England ‘Its coming home’ bandwagon and produce a World Cup meme of our own. I voiced it. Dave edited it. And we were chuffed to bits with the results.
We sent up the famous Good Will Hunting scene where Robbin Williams’ character repeatedly tells Matt Damon that ‘it’s not your fault’. No prizes for guessing how we changed the dialogue!
It got over 37,086 views and over 2000 shares on YouTube alone. But it was on other channels where the meme really took off. England rugby star James Haskell, England defender Lee Dixon and news reporters Carly Adno and Paul McNamara all posted it on either Instagram or Twitter. Carly Adno’s tweet got 148k views, 3.3k likes and 1.5k retweets — one of those was David Baddiel himself! We also received online press coverage from the Evening Standard and the Huffington post.
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