You’d think moving away from an old paper-based system would be a no-brainer in 2018. Not for the brokers and underwriters of the London insurance market. They still like doing things the old-fashioned way. And believe it or not, the majority still use reams of paper, inky stamps and smudgy signatures to seal the deal. In this campaign for the London Market Group – which represents the entire insurance industry in the City – the aim was to encourage them to start using their new digital system: PPL. 
Compared with the old system, PPL has a myriad of benefits. It can help brokers and underwriters become more productive, effective and efficient. The campaign idea was to bring this potential to life by drawing comparisons with everyday objects that have been compromised in some way. 
Copywriter: Ollie Mines
Art Director: Sara Gramner, David Boynes
Creative Directors: Paula Amaral, Rob Sears
Designers: Sara Gramner, Danny Kwong, Crestin Van Heerden
Artworkers: David Morris, Tony Philmore, Andrew Farmer

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