'Build your own satellite' spoof direct mail 
Silver - 'Best Direct Mail Campaign' - UK B2B Marketing Awards 2023
Satellite Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge growth market. To meet demand, lots of IoT companies are planning to design, launch and maintain their own constellations of small satellites. But they don’t fully appreciate the complexities or the huge financial implications. 
So, we sent 250 spoof ‘Build Your Own Satellite Constellation’ kits to a highly targeted audience of IoT businesses and investors. The copy highlighted the colossal downsides of launching your own satellites. The enormous cost, the eight year wait, the 42,000 instalments, the high risk of failure, the lack of guarantees. Flip the DM over, and prospects found a concise argument for choosing risk-free satellite connectivity from Inmarsat’s existing network instead.
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